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History of the Burleson County Chamber of Commerce

In 1925, a group of concerned citizen-leaders from the business, farming, and banking communities of the area formed the Burleson County Chamber of Commerce (changed in 1935 to Caldwell Chamber of Commerce).

“There hasn’t been a more poignant factor in the success of the county in the past 60 or 70 years than the Burleson County Chamber of Commerce-the strongest commercial organization of the county.  The very first day it was organized, the officers sensed the needs o the county and began to cooperate in assisting proper development. Large sums have been expended annual for the past 6 years. The expense of the entire Fair has been paid by the organization.” October 1931, local newspaper.

In the first 10 – 15 years of existence, the Chamber of Commerce had many low as well as high spots. Reorganization was needed on many occasions-sometimes yearly. Despite the temporary setbacks, those citizens who could be classified as pillars of the community continued to work for the betterment of Burleson County and Caldwell. From the January 28, 1937 newspaper this excerpt exemplifies the cooperation of citizens and business people in the formation an d operation of the Chamber of Commerce. “Only two business houses refused to become members.”

Throughout the years, most of the efforts of the organization and its members have been on recurring problems and projects. Whether working on projects concerning roads, community or civic improvement, farm or agriculture and industrial problems, the Chamber of Commerce has made its impact felt. In 1960-61, the Chamber of Commerce furnished the impetus and the leadership for the organization of the Burleson County Industrial Foundation.

In 1984, the Chamber of Commerce organized a special events subcommittee; the Kolache Festival Steering Committee. Today the committee produces one of the three major annual festivals – THE KOLACHE FESTIVAL – within the State of Texas drawing crowds ten times the local population on the second Saturday in September.

In June 1998 the elected directors of the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce and the Somerville Chamber of Commerce voted to combine the two chambers into one organization to be named the Burleson County Chamber of Commerce. A quorum was present. The unanimous vote was in the affirmative for dissolution of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce and to amend the Articles of Incorporation of the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce to reflect the merger. A unanimous vote for changing the Articles of Incorporation of the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce to the Burleson County Chamber of Commerce was recorded.

The impact of the Chamber of Commerce on the economy of Burleson County cannot be measured, but it is one of the most significant achievements of the citizens for the betterment of the area.

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